About our company

Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

Our logistics specialists have over 30 years of industry experience to create your complete shipping solution for standard or heavy haul shipments.

Specialized Fleet of Over 500 Tri-Axle Chassis

Utilizing our 20 ft., 40 ft. and 45 ft. tri-axle specialized fleet allows us to transport your heavy weight and overweight cargo across the nation.

Safe and Reliable Service

From using the right tire, proper chassis and maximizing the payload, we review each detail to provide safe and reliable service for each shipment we transport.

Established in 1983, Inter-Metro Freight, Inc. understands the transportation/shipping industry and is an innovative leader in providing cost effective shipping solutions. We started as an in-house trucking company for one of our affiliate companies draying wine and spirits, but quickly outgrew this capacity.

With a dedicated and dynamic sales team and marketing strategy, our market grew to offering our services to freight forwarders, steamship lines, custom brokers, importers, exporters and freight brokers. Using this innovative approach allowed us to grow exponentially into what we are today.

Additionally in 2001, the State of New Jersey adopted a law, allowing the transportation of Sealed Heavy Weight Ocean Borne Containers. Shortly after this law passed, we designed and purchased our own specialized chassis and tractors. This has given our customer base the opportunity to increase cargo weight and decrease container volume and the associated shipping costs.

We currently operate a fleet of over 500 new tri-axle chassis. These custom 20, 40, and 45 ft. chassis allow us to legally transport with permits, 90,000 lbs.; a 10,000 lb increase over and above the original 80,000 lb. (G.V.W) gross vehicle weight limitation.

We guarantee that transporting permitted heavy weight containers is done in compliance with each respective state’s law.

Contact Inter-Metro Freight for the cost effective transportation solution that fits your heavy haul or standard shipment.