environmental policy statement

Inter Metro Freight, Inc. understands that we as a company have direct and indirect effects on the environment. We are committed to reducing our impact through education and empowerment of our employees and clients in an effort to allow them to make more environmentally responsible choices.

Our efforts to be eco-friendly include working to identify, measure, and report on the environmental impact of our Inter Metro Freight, Inc. facilities, operational policies, and business practices. With this focus we are able to develop guidelines proactively that reduce any detrimental effects we may have on the health, safety, and wellbeing of the planet.

We make every effort to understand the environmental laws and regulations pertaining to our business and attempt to exceed required levels of compliance wherever feasible.

Focusing on the three targeted areas of emissions reductions, waste minimization and environmental education, sets the main goals for our environmental policy.

Emissions Reductions

Our emissions reductions efforts include conducting or supporting research on the environmental impact of heavy haul truck transport and related emissions. Key steps we have implemented include; fuel efficiency standards, modification of our vehicles and education and training of our employees on best driving practices.

Waste Minimization

Our waste minimization strategy includes disposing of any waste we create (on the road and in our offices) in an environmentally-safe manner through a Reduce-Reuse-Recycle (company-wide) program. We also take a proactive approach by making environmentally-preferable purchasing choices.

Environmental Education

We provide environmental education to our employees on the fundamental principles of our Green Policy along with successful and practical ways to take this knowledge and put it into action at work and home. We encourage new ideas, innovative solutions and feedback through our employee forums to stimulate environmentally friendly conscious employees.

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